What might be going on for you

You have a symptom somewhere on your skin that is irritating, unsightly or both. You know it isn’t right, you’re concerned that it might get worse and you’re now keen to address it.

The things that might be relevant for you

An area of skin on your body is itchy, dry, cracked or sore

A red, irritating, fluid-filled blister has appeared near your mouth

An area of skin on your face has become red, dry and sensitive

An area of skin on your body is red, scaly, patchy and itchy

An area of your skin has become red, painful, swollen with

     an amount of seeping as well

A red and itchy rash has come up on your body

How acupuncture with Crispin might help you

Controlled case studies support the understanding that acupuncture can successfully treat a wide array of skin conditions such as eczema, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, warts, herpes zoster and leg ulcers. 

Crispin has treated many people with skin ailments during his years in practice and he has seen first-hand how Chinese medicine looks to address both the symptom and cause of a condition rather than simply trying to alleviate a symptom. Through his practice therefore, Crispin is grateful to have a mode of treatment at his disposal that he considers thorough and therefore likely to prevent additional complications further down the line.


Crispin is friendly, welcoming and understanding with a holistic approach. He is also very accommodating and inspires confidence.

Having worked with Crispin for several years, I feel my overall health and energy is better and my immunity system is stronger.

Mark, North Kensington