What might be going on for you

You might have recently experienced a significant event such as a bereavement, a break up or the loss of a job or equally you may feel that life has been getting on top of you and that you feel down as a result.

Either way you don’t feel as emotionally robust or resilient as you normally do and you would like some help dealing with things and in order to get through this period and back to full strength.



You’re grieving over the loss of someone special to you

You’ve been feeling down and not your usual self

You feel easily irritated and frustrated by things

You are lacking motivation to do things

You find it really hard to get going in the morning

Your sleep is broken and you tend to wake up at night

How acupuncture with Crispin

might help you

Crispin has treated people for emotional support as long as he has been in practice and in that time he has seen how acupuncture can offer the most therapeutic effects to those in need.

Acupuncture is rooted in the principles of Chinese Medicine, which doesn’t differentiate between the physical and emotional. As such, it is as natural for a practitioner to gear treatments towards improving someone’s sense of well-being, as it is to tailor therapy to easing someone’s physical pain.

‘Your treatments have made a great difference to me both physically and emotionally and without exception I have enjoyed and benefitted from the experience. I feel indebted to the time and patience which you have spent with me’   

Chris, Paddington