What’s might be going on for you

 Either your get-up-and-go really isn’t what you would like it to be, or you quite often feel a bit like you’re wading through treacle. Either way your energy levels are such that you feel you’re unable to seize the moment or keep pace with the life that you would ideally like to lead.

The kinds of things that might be relevant for you

You find it really hard to get going in the morning

Your stamina is not what it was

You constantly feel like you’re running on empty

You are lacking motivation to do things 

Your recovery from an illness is taking too long

How acupuncture with Crispin might help you

 There are a number of ways acupuncture can help improve energy levels from clearing energy that is stuck in the body to strengthening channels or meridians that are a little under par. Low energy may also be as a result of a lingering low-level virus that has become stuck in the body and treatment can be focused on helping the body expel this accordingly.

 Crispin has seen many cases where a patient’s energy levels have been improved by treatment and he finds it fascinating how acupuncture can leave someone with an increased get-up-and-go. He similarly has been the welcome beneficiary of an energy boost from treatment and subsequently has great faith that acupuncture is a great medicine that leads to improved energy levels. 


‘I haven’t had a cold since I’ve been having acupuncture. I find it so helpful and grounding – thank you so much’     

Hilary, North Kensington