What’s likely to be going on for you

Whether you’re suffering from long term (or chronic) pain or you’ve only recently been experiencing the onset of acute symptoms, you’re finding the situation debilitating and you’re keen to find an effective solution.

Types of pain that might be relevant for you

Frozen shoulder

Arthritis or other joint conditions

Lower backache


Muscle strains or spasms

Fibromyalgia: a condition causing muscle pain throughout

      the whole body

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)


How acupuncture with Crispin might help you

There are various clinical studies which lend credence to the understanding that acupuncture can help resolve pain. Chinese Medicine, upon which acupuncture is founded, essentially sees pain as a blockage of the natural energy flow in the body caused by trauma.

Crispin has a long experience of helping people overcome pain and has helped many people move on from the debilitating and draining effects of pain.

One of his first clinical experiences following from graduating from college was practicing at the NHS Gateway pain-management acupuncture clinic in Lambeth, and he continues to help many people in pain to this day.


‘Crispin, thank you for the treatment. The pain in my foot which would occur many times a day has completely stopped! The hip is also better, and I haven’t had one twinge in the last few days. I am very grateful to you.’    

Claire, Hammersmith