What might be going on for you

You’ve reached your mid-forties and you’re starting to notice certain changes to your body or emotional state, or both. Commonly. the first signs of the menopause is a discernible change in your periods – the frequency of their arrival might change or they may become either unusually light or heavy. This symptom may be accompanied with other indications such as hot flushes or weight gain.  


the kinds of things you might have noticed

Irregular periods

Hot flushes or night sweats

Weight gain

Mood volatility

A reduced libido or vaginal dryness


How acupuncture with Crispin

might help you

A lot of women turn to acupuncture at this time of their lives as a means of lessening the often unwelcome symptoms that accompany menopause. Founded upon the principles that underlie Chinese Medicine, acupuncture chiefly sees the menopause as a manifestation of the natural decline of the energy (or Qi) associated with the kidneys. Thus treatments are often geared towards boosting kidney energy as well as alleviating any associated stress that might be present.  

One of the strengths of acupuncture is in the tailoring of treatments to that unique individual and Crispin’s clinical experience has taught him that no two individuals are the same. He has acquired a long and varied experience of treating menopausal women and recently undertook and successfully completed a post-graduate gynaecology diploma at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading.

‘I would recommend Crispin to anyone – he is clearly a very talented, knowledgeable and intuitive practitioner with an excellent bedside manner. His treatments are also extremely relaxing. I am looking forward to my treatment progressing and my health improving some more!’   

Dawn, Shepherds Bush